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Jay Folley insists his relationship with Jeremie has always been professional

Media personality Jay Foley has insisted to Viasat 1’s Nii Kpakpo Thompson that his relationship with longtime colleague has been nothing but professional.

“I have never kissed Jeremie, the farthest I went was a peck on her cheeks”.

He has been co-host and business partner to Jeremie Van-Garshong for about a decade, and their remarkable telepathy may has sparked rumours in the past of them being a couple, but the LBC co-host (who also doubles as General Manager for Live FM) has finally put the matter to rest:

“Jeremie and I are very good friends, she understands me and knows me inside out. She is very intelligent and  a great business partner,” he said.


Jay Folley also took the opportunity to laud his wife’s qualities; “my wife is a wonderful person, not the trouble kind, cool, off social media and doing her business in her corner”, he said.


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