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Mike Adenuga Names Street In Banana Island After Self :Residents Revolt

There is some form of Brouhaha currently brewing in Banana Island and it no longer boasts of its serenity due to a recent uproar engineered by  the actions of billionaire Telecoms mogul, Mike Adenuga.

What happened you may ask?

According to Olofofos Residents of the island,The CEO of GLO Telecoms allegedly recently deployed a truck load of Security Personnel to intimidate key members of the Association as he allegedly illegally changed his street of residence from 2nd Avenue to “Mike Adenuga Avenue”.

The move dared anyone to oppose his action and members of the Community did not like this and felt that the billionaire had breached the code of conduct in the Estate…

2nd Avenue, now renamed ‘Mike Adenuga Avenue’ stands out as the only street named after a human being because all streets are numbered and not named. The move sets a precedence for the disruption of the peace enjoyed by other residents of the community,some of whom are just as prominent as Mike Adenuga.

Olofofos say the Residents have kicked against this move and have decided to seek redress in court after realizing that the paper works for the change of name had already been processed and finalised.

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