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Gifted Hands: Martin Lawrence Akande Is The Modern Day Picasso

Outrageously gifted Nigerian artist, Martins Lawrence Akande is making unprecedented, albeit much deserved waves on social media due to his realistic pencil drawings.

Our indigenous  artists are doing the motherland proud both at home and in the diaspora, standing out, and putting the country and indeed the entire continent on the global map with remarkable creativity.

The limelight is shining brightly on artist Martins Lawrence Akande, who specialises in hyper-realistic pencil artwork. The talented artist and accountant is a graduate of Yaba College of Technology, Ahmadu Bello University, in Zaira, Nigeria and his work has been featured in, “Oxford UK, Artifact NY, World Art Dubai, Paris, Art UpClose”.

Some of Akande’s artwork (featured on Art UpClose) fetch as much as U.S.$10,000 per portrait (charcoal pencil on paper).

The artwork is quite striking and in his pencil drawings, Akande pays much attention to the subtle details. On social media (Instagram) and on his blog, the artist posts pictures of his work in progress, in the ‎various stages of drawing, which gives an idea of the process of drawing ‎

His artwork has been described as amazing, breath-taking, and beautiful, amongst other positive reviews.

Kudos to you bro.

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