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Going Bananas -Scientists Create First Ever HUMAN/CHIMPANZEE Hybrid

A group of Guyanian geneticists, biologists and medical doctors have created the first chimpanzee/human hybrid who they call ‘Madea‘.

Previously, in 1977, researcher ,J. Michael Bedford concluded that human spermatozoa could not penetrate the Perivtelline space into the chimpanzee cytoplasm therefore making the creation of a human-zee impossible.

“We know we will take much ethical criticism for the creation of Madea, but this is a huge step forward for science,” Dr. Gillespie said. “She is a sweet girl and we’re curious to know the division of human and chimpanzee traits. Will she be able to talk?”

Gillespie says they plan to sell their research to other geneticists, governments and corporations in hopes it will allow humanity to create more hybridized animals.

“Humans have put so many animal extinct,” Dr. Gillespie said. “Now we as humans can start creating new species to replace the dead ones and become major participators in animal evolution. Companies might be able to create new animals to sell as exotic pets, opening up new markets, expanding economies. I for one look hopeful to the day when my next door neighbors might be a humanzee family.”

It’s currently unclear who funded the project and the legalities.

Do we term this a scientific breakthrough or a cruel creation?

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