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10 Sure Signs ‘Bobo’ Na Gigolo

Oh my days!

This really cracked me up, as it  divulged some very intriguing ‘classified’ information.

Stumbled upon this article and decided to share it with you to find out if you agree or disagree.

1. He doesn’t have a day job,yet lives a flamboyant lifestyle. He is at the club every Friday turning up at the VIP section with no care whatsoever.

2. He is not interested in filling out an application for a job except if it is for the post of “CBN governor”( why will he? When he is the CEO of Sidon dey look)

3. He takes pictures like a girl. I mean selfies every other minute. His instagram feed is filled with pictures of his bare chest and he is more concerned about how he looks than a lady going for MBGN contest

4.He brags a lot about who he knows and how much of a big boy he is( wash)

5. He is always in the midst of influential women and women who have their own money.

6.He always comes up with one excuse or another to borrow money from you.

7. He lives in a hotel or friend’s house

8.His most expensive possession are his clothes,shoes or chain……landed property? Wetin concern agbero with overload.

9.Of course he is good looking with sugar coated tongue. With an excellent mastery of the art of manipulation. Can talk you into anything

10. 90% of his contacts are females

What’s your take on this?????

Shouts out to TheStylishDoctor!

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