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Angela Okorie Hits Back HARD At Kemi Olulonye

Last week, Kemi Olunloyo slammed Angela Okorie for making an Instagram post that trolled cross dressing celebrity Bobrisky.

Angela Okorie isn’y one to back down though, and she has finally hit back, hard, at kemi.

“You wanted my attention, Now you can have it, I see your madness has gone to a different level, listen old witch , my bible tells me not to suffer a witch to live,i noticed you are fond of attacking celebrities “my case is different” , i am here to warn you , if you don’t stop saying ill things about me you will die untimely, Since you love cursing ,may it never depart from you, you call women prostitutes, you shall die in prostitution, you will get drunk in your own blood and eat your own flesh bastard,listen i am too Graced to be disgraced, not A mere ant like you can stop me, you are too small, my God will punish you, from Your generation to generation will suffer madness , you can’t bring me down for no reason, my foundation is very strong, for he that is in me is greater than he that is in the world, ” i am A TOUCH NOT ENTITY” if you try to stop me i will crush you, don’t forget that “I Am an unstoppable moving Train” i am ready for you old witch”

Kemi is in the mix with a whole lot of celebrities oo. this going to be one hell of an interesting year i must say.

We sidon dey look.

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