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Where The French The First To French-Kiss?

Human beings indulge in a range of affectionate behaviors, including hugging, kissing, handshakes and high-fives. But one of the most curious of couplings is the so-called “French kiss,” where the tongues of two people make contact, presumably for the purpose of sexual stimulation.

French kissing is a well-established expression of love across many of the world’s cultures, but the first person to try it must have been quite brave. Who was this person?

References to open-mouth kissing appear in a number of ancient texts, with the earliest mention appearing in Sanskrit works around 1500 B.C.E.. In the famous Kama Sutra text from the third century C.E., the places on the body designated for kissing include lips and the interior of the mouth, suggesting that tongue kissing was being practiced in India by that time.

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