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I Don’t Care About Money, I Can Drink Gari Soakings As Long As My Boyfriend Loves Me



I Don't Care About Money, I Can Drink Gari Soakings As Long As My Boyfriend Loves Me

A beautiful Nigerian Lady identified as Aunty Funmi on Twitter has Just Sparked an Unending Controversy on the platform after Declaring that indeed she is one of the few Ladies who doesn’t like money and that true love is Enough for her.

Going further she stated that she doesn’t mind drinking Garri and groundnut with her man as long as he loves and Adore her.

She wrote

‘I’m one of the few Ladies out there who doesn’t like money. Money isn’t the way to my heart, True Love is Enough for me, I don’t mind, I can Drink Garri and Groundnut as long as you Love me.

True Love is worth More than a Flashy Lifestyle, Gold or diamonds.’

The Lady who is an iPhone 11 user has got many mouths talking as they Claim that she has money and lives a Wealthy Lifestyle and that was why she would not care if her Boyfriend is Poor.

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‘Coming from someone who is bored of a Luxury Life’

A Twitter User Said.

However she Contradicted this by pronouncing that even if she wasn’t rich, she would still not be concerned about wealth in a Man.

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