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Davido Drops Over N100M On Maybach SUV



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Nigerian music star Davido has splashed a whopping N90M on a Mercedes Maybach SUV.

The music star presumably owns the most precious garage in the Nigerian entertainment assiduity.

The songster took to his Instagram Stories on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, where he participated a videotape of his new auto.

“Who vex me,” he captioned the video.


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According to several buses websites, a 2021 Mercedes Maybach goes for about$-.

Davido’s new SUV is coming slightly 48 hours after he performed at his vended-out musicale at the O2 Arena.

The new set of bus will join an formerly expansive garage of precious buses, which includes several models of Rolls Royce,

Lamborghini Urus, Lamborghini Aventador which bring him over N300M.

Davido also owns several Range Rover models and other fantastic buses.

The music star has earned his wealth from his successful music career that has gauged over ten times.

The billionaire inheritor also has major investments in several businesses including a stake in motorsports, aeronautics and the movie assiduity.


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