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Family Reveals Cause Of Death Of Singer Of ‘Ekwueme’



Family Reveals Cause Of Death Of Singer Of ‘Ekwueme'

The family of the late‘Ekwueme’ songster, Osinachi Nwachukwu, has denied reports that she failed of cancer.

It was reported that Osinachi’s death was blazoned on Friday night.

Some reports had said the songster failed in the sanitarium after suffering from domestic violence from her hubby.

Osinachi’s family, who’s the first son of the family and was linked as Ms Favor Made, verified the reports on Sunday, saying that Osinachi failed as a result of a cluster of blood in the casket.

She said the late songster suffered from a blood clot after the remonstrating she entered from her hubby, PeterNwachukwu.

“We heard it was cancer that killed Osinachi. She did not die of cancer. The husband, Mr Peter Nwachukwu hit her with his leg on the chest. All this while, he has been beating her but my sister hides all that she was passing through from us,” she said, according to Daily Post.

She said the family had advised Osinachi to leave the marriage but she supplicated that God would change her hubby.

“We told her that they are not divorcing and that it’s just a separation. But she felt that God is against divorce. We told her that separation is not a sin but just for her to stay alive and take care of her children. She will always tell us to relax and that the man will change.

“So when the man kicked her in the chest, she fell and he took her to the hospital but he did not even tell us,” he said.

Made further stated that the croaker wasn’t apprehensive that Osinachi was demurred in the casket.

The sister then told her no.

“It was the hitting on the chest that killed her. My brother had to ask the doctor what killed her and the doctor said that there were clusters of blood on her chest,” she revealed.

According to her, Peter had boasted that he was going to separate Osinachi and her binary family.

She contended that he’d also stopped the siblings from being close or stopped the departed Osinachi from visiting her vill, Isuochi in Abia State.

She added that Peter hadn’t been arrested as contended in some diggings.

She also verified that he beat her family oppressively and was fond of collecting her plutocrat while she was left with nothing.

Made added that Peter didn’t incontinently communicate their family when Osinachi failed until 8 pm when he casually informed their mama of the death.

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